The Kitchen

Our kitchen offers a variety of dishes including those made in accordance with time-honoured Irish recipes, such as Shepherd’s Pie, Madeira Stew, Irish Omelette, Irish Baked Potato to name but a few. Our hot and cold hors-d’oeuvres, salads, fish and meat courses taste best washed down with beer.

Meat courses
Chateaubriand Steak 250 169.00
A cut from the central part of thetenderloin
Pig ribs 250 89.00
In a hot tomato sause with fresh herbs.
Crunchy Chicken Wings 320 79.00
Served with a spicy red sauce, tartar sauce, fresh vegetables and herbs.
Beef Chopsteak with Fried Egg 250 99.00
Our version of the classic dishes of Soviet cuisine: hamburger steak of beef with fried egg and french fries
Rack of lamb 180 89.00
Grilled lamb chop.
Filet Mignon Steak 250 169.00
A cut from the short end of the tenderloin.
Honey pork ribs 350 89.00
Pork ribs in honey brandy glaze
Veal fillet with vegetables in a wine sauce 400 129.00
Veal fillet with vegetables.
Medallions of veal with bacon 250 146.00
Juicy slices of veal fillet, grilled with slices of smoked bacon in Brandy-Cranberry Sauce
Medallions of pork 200/100 95.00
Pork fillet grilled and served with grilled vegetables and spicy sauce
Royal brisket 250 95.00
Tender bone-in pork grilled with vegetables
Irish sausages 250 99.00
Sausages grilled and served with marinated tomatoes "cherry"
Lamb shank 100 69.00
Served with French fries
*All prices are in UAH.
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