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A pub wouldn’t be what it is without beer, of which we have plenty. Hailing from Ireland, England, Germany and other parts, our brews, either on draught or bottled, provide effective thirst aid. Another of our strong suits is our broad selection of Irish whiskeys and Scotch single malts. Also, we always make our Irish coffee with Irish whiskey rather than any found handy.

Tokaj harsleveiu semisweet 2012 Hungary 100 12.00
White semi-sweet, 12% Fragrance with floral-nutmeg tones, as well as with notes of ripe fruit. Recommended for dessert, fruit or as apperetiva
Porto Cruz White/Tawny 100 60.00
Malaga/Madera Cruz 100 50.00
Soave Classico DOC Italy 100 26.00
Dry white, 12% Sophisticated fragrance with notes of green apple flavor intense, dry, barhatistyys notes of citrus. Aftertaste: medium-long. It goes well with hard cheeses, sauerkraut and pork.
Pinot Grigio Italy 100 36.00
Dry white, 12% Sophisticated fragrance with notes of citrus, honey and field tsvetov.Teste intense, dry and velvety with hints of apples. Aftertaste: medium-long.
Torrontes Reserva 2011/12 Argentina 100 26.00
Dry white, 14% Delicate aroma with hints of peach, rozyTaste rich, with notes of ripe fruit that goes into a long aftertaste. Recommended for starters, white meat, fruits and desserts
Riesling Trocken Qualitatswein Germany 100 36.00
Dry white wine 11% The combination of spicy fruit flavors with fine acidity and mineral, It is recommended for poultry meat and seafood
Valpolicella Classico Vino DOC Rosso Itali 100 44.00
Dry red wine, 12% The aroma combines shades of ripe fruit, wild cherry and delicate hints of vanilla. The palate is full, soft, with excellent long-lasting aftertaste
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