The Bar

A pub wouldn’t be what it is without beer, of which we have plenty. Hailing from Ireland, England, Germany and other parts, our brews, either on draught or bottled, provide effective thirst aid. Another of our strong suits is our broad selection of Irish whiskeys and Scotch single malts. Also, we always make our Irish coffee with Irish whiskey rather than any found handy.

American Whiskey
Crown Royal 50 53.00
Jim Beam White 50 46.00
Jim Beam Black 8 years 50 56.00
Jack Daniel's 50 59.00
Canadian Club 50 38.00
Jack Daniel's Silver Select 50 123.00
Maker's Mark 50 69.00
Woodford Reserve 50 109.00
*All prices are in UAH.
Phone: +380 562 36 23 35

Developed by «Studio 908»
Address: 41 K. Marx Ave.,
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
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